Sunday, March 15, 2009

Harvest Report 2008

2008 Harvest Report by Owner and Winemaker Aron Hess of Daedalus Cellars:

I think my struggle is that we're beginning to sound like a broken-record with this unending stream of "great" vintages. This, I guess, is the bounty of the NW. 

If not for unusually long, warmer-than-average autumn, this harvest would have been a disaster, much like 1999.

The prolonged fall did allow for exceptional hang-time and full physiological maturity. 

The smallish crop--down perhaps 25%--arrived in perfect condition. 

Fruit quality required no compromises: we used no sulfur, cold-soaked for 12 to 30+ days; our longest fermentation lasted 48 days. Of course, we added no yeast or anything else. 

The juice was of nearly perfect balance: potentially alcohols mostly under 14%--though admittedly still a bit high for my tastes, bright acidity and pHs that should provide long, lovely lives. 

Long hang-time and full, gentle extraction has yielded classically structured wine of ample, refined structure, complexity, and incredible length. 

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